Dank IRA awesome oso beer!DankTM

Beer Style: Imperial Red

Alcohol by Volume: 9.2%

Massive Imperial Red ale fermented on brandied oak with Scottish ale yeast. Huge additions of West Coast hops give this beast balance. Served best in a snifter on a cold winter’s night.

Released in early winter. While supplies last. Limited Release.


RIP: Greg Landig

Greg Landig The Bomb Shelter.Greg Landig was a close friend of Marc & Katina’s.  He was a craft beer icon.

Greg passed away in March, 2012 of a lurking heart problem.  Greg owned “The Bomb Shelter” (a bar in Milwaukee, WI) and was universally revered in the craft beer community.  He did so very much for craft beer.  He will be eternally remembered by his friends for his smile, his enthusiasm, his deep knowledge of beer (good and bad), and for his numerous contributions to the craft beer movement. Greg also loved the shit out of O’so Dank.  We miss you tremendously Greg!

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