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The O’so Extreme Beers are beers that we cultivate and grow on our barrel farm of over four hundred wood casks.  These premium beers are released only when we feel they are ready, and not a minute sooner.  Some of them are sour. Some are clean. Some are imperial style high abv sippers. Some are fruited, face blistering sours.  Some are aged for months.  Some of them for years.  Most of these will never be made again, but then again, some of them might be.  The only thing that you can count on with our Extreme Beers is that we pour our hearts and souls into each and everyone one and we know you will love them!


Click on the name of any beer to see the sales sheet and all the technical data we send to our distributors!


Upcoming Releases:

Nothing for sure yet, have many different projects going currently, but nothing is set in stone.

We will be having a bottle release in November, likely on the 5th, and then one in January, likely both the 27th and the 28th.

2016 Releases

  • Scarlet Letter – Barrel aged cranberry sour.
  • Blood of the Cherry – Barrel aged american sour blonde re-fermented with Door county Cherries.
  • Nefarious – Dark cherry sour with Habernaros and Cocoa Nibs.
  • Weaze The Juice – Barrel aged Belgian style beer blended with barrel aged brett beer re-fermented on Door County Cherries.
  • Lupulin Psychosis – 100% Brett fermented Double IPA.
  • Project Lo – Barrel aged sour blonde ale.
  • Tuppen’s Demise – Barrel aged sour blonde ale re-fermented on blueberries.
  • Count to Two – Barrel aged sour blonde re-fermented on Kiwks and Cranberries.
  • Arbre qui Donne – Georgia peach sour blonde ale.

2015 Releases

  • Goldilocks Revenge – Brandy barrel aged smoked imperial porter.
  • Grandpa’s Got a Gun – Brandy barrel aged american strong ale.
  • Wheat You Talkin’ ‘Bout Willis? – Brandy barrel aged wheat wine.
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Night Train – Coconut, Blackberry, and Straight Variants.Levi and assisstant filling barrels after our first O'so & Funk Factory collaboration.
  • Frampaars – Belgian-Style Lambic aged on purple raspberries.
  • White Lodge Reserve – Belgian-Style Gueuze Lambic
  • Bourbon Barrel Convenient Distraction – Coffee vanilla imperial porter aged in bourbon barrels.
  • Sense of Direction – Coffee blonde sour
  • Cassis – Belgian-style lambic aged on champagne currants.
  • Framrood – Belgian-style lambic aged on red raspberries and cherries.
  • The Fox and the Grapes – Belgian-style lambic aged on foch grapes.

Releases from past Years:


Last year our Door Kriek made the top ten beers of the year from 

Bourbon Barrel Night Train also was written about in Paste Magazines top 20 beers of 2014.



  • Bourbon Barrel Night Train
  • Bourbon Barrel Dominator
  • Goldilocks’ Revenge – Imperial smoked porter aged in Brandy barrels.
  • Restless Soul – Soured Imperial Red ale.
  • Winds of Change – Soured pale ale, brewed with 50% Brett B in primary, and then 50% Brett B in the secondary.



Here is a writeup from about the 2013 sour release.



  • Sikaru – American Sour with Dates.
  • Dweller on the Threshold – Malt beverage aged in used wine barrels.
  • Scarlet Letter- Light and Refreshing Sour Blonde, made with cranberries.



  • Wee on the Lam – Sour Brown.

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