Meet our brewery staff:


James Vokoun (aka: the wedding planner) – Brewer

bio_jamesJames grew up in Chardon, Ohio and graduated from Michigan Tech University in Forestry where he started home brewing. He was a home brewer of Marc and Katina’s at Point Brew Supply for several years, he was a member of a few home brewing clubs in Central Wisconsin and enjoys his passion of pipe smoking. Before coming to O’so in Fall of 2010, he previously brewed at Blue Heron brewpub part-time and since has performed any job in the brewery needed. Eventually James hard work paid off and he was promoted as Head Brewer. He treats each beer as one of his babies and is passionate about the details of crafting beer. His affinity for wild beers and real ales keeps his job interesting and fits his off-beat and funky personality. James is married with two beautiful growing kids and still loves to home brew in his spare time. (March 2016)




Mark Spilker – Brewer

marcspilkerMark began brewing in 1998 in his hometown of Green Bay, WI. In the year 2000 Mark left Wisconsin and spent some time brewing in various places including Jackson, Wyoming and Portland, Oregon before finally returning home to Wisconsin in 2009. In his free time Mark enjoys biking around the great outdoors and spending time with his lovely and amazing girlfriend Megan and their two dogs. Mark also collects records and will occasionally make a night of watching bad horror movies. Mark and Megan are expecting their first child in Summer of 2016. (March 2016)




Jeff Simons – Logistics / Renaissance Man

jeff-150x150Jeff has been with O’so (in spirit) from the beginning, in fact before the beginning. Marc and Jeff used to work together at Waupaca Foundry and home brewed together for several years before Marc made the transition to brewing beer full time. Jeff is a self-proclaimed renaissance man and his band Cotton Mouth performed under the tent for the original grand opening of the first iteration of O’so Brewing Company which has since been raised to make room for an expanded road. Jeff retired from the U.S. Army in 1998, has degrees in Electronics Technology and Instrumentation, was the Maintenance Superintendent at a Waupaca Foundry plant for seven years, and has a side business specializing in brewery automation and process control – CondorZen Concepts. Jeff joined the team in Summer of 2014, Marc and Katina love that Jeff can fill in in the brew shop when needed, answer the phones,  write software for internal use and be Marc’s side kick for Equipment installs in the drop of a hat. (March 2016)


Mike Ottum – Brewery Production

mikeo (Custom)Mike is an avid beer drinker and a passionate home brewer with an emphasis on hot pepper beers and smoky beers. If this guy was allowed to he would put everything EVER into a smoker. He even smokes his hops! After growing up on army bases his whole life and serving in the army himself, Mike is now the man in charge of the CWDB (contrary to what it sounds like, this isn’t some military task force). As president of the Central Wisconsin Draught Board (our local home brew club), a home brewer with many years of experience, and a staunch supporter of O’so beer and what we do at O’so, Mike was a no brainer pickup for us in Summer of 2014 . This workaholic works all day at the local Menards store, all afternoon at O’so, and goes home to his and his wife Colleen’s zoo, where they proceeds to take care of the animals all night. But make no mistake, this beer drinking, hunter/fisherman plays almost as hard as he works. Prost! (March 2016)


Aaron Aebly – Lab and Production

aaronAaron is a married family man with a set of twins and many talents. Touting a bachelors degree in Nursing from UW-Oshkosh and a history of home brewing for the past 8 years, Aaron intends to strive for further success and show the world(s) what he’s made of. He began working at O’so in Fall of 2014 as a production employee, but quickly took over the lab, as he definitely should no Aceptic procedures being a RN in the past. When needed and time is available, Aaron also helps on the brew deck. Future plans for Aaron consist of an adventure, a man and his bloodhound, traveling through time and space to win a duel against the evil reindeer overlord, thus freeing the reindeer, except the one he intends to tame and ride back home, again through time and space. Until then he will maintain by fine tuning life skills such as fishing, cooking, brewing, reading, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse while simultaneously collecting every Hummel figurine on the planet. (March 2016)


Sarah Lehner-  Sales

Sarah became a beer-tender at O’so while a student at UWSP where she majored in Natural Resources in Winter of 2012, and after spending time as a rock star bartender at Ale Asylum in Madison and in Los Angeles. Don’t let her appearance confuse you with being soft …. we have seen her eject people from the tap house. Her love for beer is contagious and has grown so much that she only graces us with being behind the bar when we need back up, as she now travels the 41 corridor of the state working the market for the O’so brands, focusing primarily on the Fox Valley & Milwaukee areas. It’s our opinion that Sarah is a generation off. She would fit in nicely in the 70’s following the Grateful Dead and cruising the country in a VW microbus.(March 2016)




Dylan Buttera – Sales


Dylan is Marc and Katina’s eldest son and has a young growing family of four. Dylan has always been a learner and an achiever, and so he has started a screen-printing side business in the last few years that he tries fitting in, alongside his job of traveling the state of Wisconsin, working the market for the O’so brands. He has been working in the family business for since Summer of 2010. He has always enjoyed reading, being outside and most of all making money. He was once almost suspended from school in Junior High because he had turned his locker into a convenience store in between class periods selling jolt energy drinks and cheap candy. He was actually making quite a bit of money until a certain health teacher shut him down since his products weren’t to her health standards. More than anything though, Dylan often enjoys a good stimulating conversation of the sort that most people don’t care to have. Venturing into forbidden territories and getting outside of one’s comfort zone are what make a lesson stick he says. Therefore he believes in challenging the status quo and playing devil’s advocate quite often. Go ahead try it next time you see him!

Steve Paulik – Cellar/Brewery Production

Steve came to O’so in the very early days, late Spring 2009, after losing his job at a printing company . He worked in every facet of the brewery from bottling to cellar work and logistics. The need for a key employee at Point Brew Supply warranted Steve leaving the brewery in 2011 for a cooler, dryer work environment, but after some years in the brew shop he has decided to once again take a full time positions that just opened in the brewery, again.  Steve is our teams longest tenured employee, We are sad to see him leave the store, but know he will shine in the brewery as he always has in the brew shop. For the foreseeable future, he will Steve still help out in the brew shop when needed. Steve enjoys spending time with his wife and son, kayaking, and playing guitar. Steve is part of the three man band, Gumbo, that plays at the Taphouse every Thursday and on occasion at Central Waters and the Elbow Room. Steve dreams of being a big time musician someday…we may have to break his fingers to keep him around. (March 2016)



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