Meet your Taphouse Beertenders:

Dan Buttera- Beertender

20150403_151131Dan is the youngest son of Katina and Marc, has an infectious smile and an awe inspiring beard for a guy his age. Dan has always worked for the family business, but became a regular employee when the tap house opened in Fall of 2011.  He can tell you quite a bit about each beer and aspires to run the show for Mom and Dad someday.  Currently he attends MSTC for business and marketing. He enjoys computer gaming and is a beta tester for multiple big name game companies. Danny also enjoys discussions on current events, history, and politics stimulating conversations, like his brother, that most people don’t care to have. Venturing into forbidden territories and getting outside of one’s comfort zone. We raised our kids to be free thinkers and that they are. Dan is a saver and is saving to purchase his own home in two years. (March 2016)




Adam Shepard – Beertender

IMG_0898Adam, has been with us since April of 2015 beer-tending in the taproom. He has lived in the Stevens Point Area since he graduated high school in 2008. He was born in Wild Rose, a very small town of only about 700 people. He loves talking about beer almost as much as drinking it. Adam is a huge music buff that really enjoys the older stuff, and has a collection to prove it. Some of his favorite artists are The Doors, Bob Dylan, and Pink Floyd. He also a go to guy for random TV show and movie knowledge, also a lover of sports, especially football. (March 2016)







Johnny Yang – Beertender


Johnny joined the O’so team in March of 2016. He enjoys spending his time skateboarding, playing video games, cooking barbecue chicken, and baking brownies. Johnny lives in Stevens Point and is studying marketing at Mid-State Tech College.








20161107_151254Spencer Strand – Beertender

Spencer joined us in March of 2016. He studied Communications with an emphasis in Public Relation at the University of Stevens Point. He loves to spend time outdoors, and enjoys sports. He has a passion for great beer and recently has started to brew his own beer. He’s planning on moving to Fort Collins in Colorado, and hopes to work at another brewery when he moves.

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