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Brewery tours are given weekly on Saturdays at 2, 3 & 4 p.m. All proceeds from all tours are donated to a different charitable cause each month.  The tour donation is $2 per person; you are welcome to give more.


Philanthropic Vision

O'so brewing company storefront triad.O’so is a community minded business. We use our business as a catalyst to help others. Every Saturday, our brewery does tours at 2, 3, and 4 p.m. all the proceeds go to a local charity that we pick on an on need basis.

In the past we have given to local causes like Project Fresh Start, Humane Society, Almond Bancroft School Library and sometimes it’s given to a family that has faced tragedy in their life and need any financial support they can get.

Whatever the charity, you can feel good taking the tour that you are helping someone else and enjoying good beer. Each time we have a large gathering, we also try to make it an opportunity to help others. Every year we have our Anniversary Party in November, each year so far we have dedicated this to Toys for Tots, and have raised thousands of dollars each year in order to insure that local children can get gifts.

 In 2014:
During 2014, we had an amazing amount of people help support/donate to local causes. We at O’so Brewing are proud to say that we raised $17,500 for charities last year. Almost all the different charities went to local families that had lost loved ones or had some form of disaster strike. However some went towards Toys for Tots, the local Boys and Girls Club, Project fresh start, and buying tickets to the packer game for local youths.
We at O’so sincerely thank our customers for helping us raise so much. We can only hope that this is able to continue and that we can raise even more for those who need it in the years to come.

Please don’t think we are being braggadocios here, we are just trying to get the word out so others will follow. It feels great and we want other to feel the same thing. Join us!

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