MarlaMarla – The Paparazzi

Marla Cummings, Photographer and owner of ABE Photography, is a Wisconsin native who has lived in Stevens Point since 1987. Her specialty is event photography: weddings, beer fests, dog shows, etc.  And, some landscapes, and still-lifes too – mainly O’so beer in different compositions.  You may see Marla from time to time in the Taphouse,  brewery, or at one of our events with her giant camera, don’t bother trying to hide from her lens; she will stalk you!  Marla is responsible for most of the photos on our website.  Well, the good ones anyways…

Many people have asked her about the name ABE Photography and why that name. Her reply: The name Abe was her dad’s nickname throughout his life. Her dad loved beautiful landscape pictures and so she decided to dedicate her business to her dad who passed away in 2003. One day out on a walk with her dogs she was trying to find a phrase that ABE could stand for and she hit upon “Absolutely Beautiful Exposures” So visit her website or facebook page at to see some Absolutely Beautiful Exposures!

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