Support Wisconsin!

Our Philosophy

O’so is committed to supporting Wisconsin craft beer as a brand. Our Taproom boasts 40 Wisconsin beers on tap from all over the state. Our philosophy is that Wisconsin breweries need to stand together to fight the big boys instead of fighting amongst ourselves. The more people that we can get to drink Wisconsin craft beers, the more market share we can preserve and even grow. If we all work together, there will be enough shelf space for all of us. So if you find yourself at the liquor store, please pick up at least one Wisconsin beer. Chances are that you are supporting someone you know, directly or in directly.

O’so prides itself on supporting local by choosing to work mostly with Wisconsin companies. Here are a list of companies you support each time you buy an O’so 6 pack:

  • Briess Malting company, Chilton Wisconsin…..grain
  • Quad Graphic Packaging….bottle carriers
  • Green Bay Packaging….case boxes
  • Orion Labels, Seymour Wisconsin….Labels
  • Verallia (St. Gobain) Burlington Wisconsin….bottles

And when it comes to equipment, we are also committed to buying at least American made. Most of the stuff we have purchased was used equipment so we could make our dollar stretch. Here is a list of USA companies that we work with:

  • IDD, Moorpack California….keg washer
  • Meheen Manufacturing, Pasco Washington….bottling machine
  • International Machinery Exchange, Deerfield Wisconsin….fermenting tanks
  • Sprinkman Corporation, Elroy Wisconsin….brite beer tank
  • Barr Refrigeration, Oshkosh Wisconsin….walk-in coolers
  • Specific Mechanical, Canada…..brew system (not American, but it was bought used in Milwaukee and Canadians are cool anyways…go North America!)


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